Jonathan Loxley was born in 1960, son of a fighter pilot.  From 1979  to 1981, he studied marble sculpture techniques in Florence.  He then spent seven years in the film industry, painting stage sets and creating sculptures for film and theatre sets. He worked on cult films such as Labyrinth and A Fish Called Wanda.  Some 20 years ago he moved to Carrara, Italy,  to pursue something more “solid”.   Here he acquired skills and knowledge unlikely to be found elsewhere.

Frustrated with the limitations and transience of man-made materials, Loxley found Marble to be the ideal carving element, allowing unimpeded thought processes within the interior space of the stone.

Ironically he discovered that while stone has to be reduced to reach the intended surface, the inspiration for an idea would expand outward from the centre. This irony expanded itself, dictating the idea that the material was indeed responsible for the development of the carver.

After 11 years in Italy, Loxley returned home to England, setting up his studio in Wiltshire, He continues to make regular trips to Carrara to source marble for his projects.

His work can also be seen at Goodwood Sculpture Park, and internationally in Hong Kong, California, New York and Cannes. Some of his clients include Lord and Lady Bamford, Lord Carrington, and David Bowie.