Jim’s work can be viewed in the Vulgar Earth exhibition 1st July – 13thAugust 2017

Based in Cornwall, Jim Carter received an MA with distinction in Art and Environment from Falmouth University. With a practice grounded in seasonal cycles of destruction and renewal, his sculpture and writing is concerned with myth and transformation in animals and landscape. A member of the Newlyn Society of Artists, his work has appeared in Unpsychology and Earthlines magazine.

“There is a fragility in this work, an other-worldness speaking to us from we don’t quite know where. But it is not all fragile. Jim Carter’s work is deeply animal and yet deeply human in its passions and propensities. We gain a new understanding of his work by looking at the materials from which it is made: skin, bones, seeds, soil, ash. It becomes redolent of, if not death, then other-life. A place we intrinsically know from the work without perhaps understanding why. The work is dreamlike. Not always perhaps the kind of dreams we like to have; they tell tales of other lives and unknown dimensions. We are told stories we can’t quite grasp.”,

Richard Povall

“Jim Carter creates powerful, profound renditions of the animal world and the mythic psyche.”,

Jay Griffiths