Born in Staffordshire in 1946. Harvey studied at the Royal College of Art. He was Head of Sculpture at University of Wales Cardiff until 2000 and he ran Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop in Raglan for 30 years. He was a founder member of The Welsh Sculpture Trust and Council Member of Royal Society of British Sculptors and RSA Art for Architecture Committee and several other advisory groups. Lectured in Europe, North America and India and attended many International Symposiums and Residencies. He has made several Public commissions including Archform at Newport Railway Station and the Celtic Ring in Cardiff Bay. He is a fellow of the RBS.

Artist’s Statement
After closing Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop I have been rationalizing my studio working spaces and reduced my involvement with pouring cast iron but I still like to make my own moulds. I still like this methodology for understanding positive and negative concepts and practically dealing with convex and concave shapes. In some pieces I am able to work forms 3 or 4 times in different stages of the process refining the idea in making. I am lucky to have large studio spaces which are full with small fragments of sculptural language. These are shelved, waiting for instinct to bring them together in the magical sculpture making process.