Dominic Welch did not have a formal training in sculpture. Instead, following A Levels,  an advertisement looking for an arts-based apprenticeship led to his meeting the sculptor Peter Randall-Page, for whom  he subsequently worked as an assistant for ten years, learning the craft of carving while developing his own ideas.  This comprised working in all aspects of the production of stone sculpture, including enlargement by triangulation from maquettes, major exhibitions, international symposia, and numerous public and private commissions.

He has now been an established sculptor in his own right for 15 years and has exhibited extensively in the UK, Australia, USA and the Far East.  Dominic is currently represented by Messums Fine Art in London.  His third solo exhibition for Messums took place this summer.

Born in Buckinghamshire, Dominic is now based in Devon.

Artist’s Statement….

Many artists rely on the interest in the stone to complete a sculpture.  I find that distracting – there can be so much going on in the stone that you can’t really bring out the subtle, simple forms that I make because your eye is drawn to the markings on the stone rather than the sculpture itself.   In common with many artists, explaining what is behind the work is in many cases far more difficult than the actual making, although I believe the images of the work speak for themselves.

Canwood Gallery (CG) is delighted to be launching for H.Art on Saturday 10th September 2016 with an exceptional mixture of internationally-renowned and local artists. Visitors will enjoy the opportunity to see the inspiring work of Carl Andre, and Angela Conner, and also exclusive photographs by the late, great Peter Sellers. Herefordshire’s most exciting talent will be on show including Walenty Pytel, Ed Elliot, Angela Holden, Rob Parkin, Walter Van Straaten, Simon Meiklejohn, Mark Houghton, Caro Burberry, Ben Esthop, Simon Probyn and Will Carr.  Together with sublime sculpture by Heather Jansch, Dominic Welsh, Jonathan Loxley and paintings by Deborah Roberts.